TEDxHastingsSt 2020

Back for its third year, the annual Hawke’s Bay TEDx Event, TEDxHastingsSt, was held in Havelock North after successful events in both Napier and Hastings. The 2020 event was held in the Blyth Theatre at Iona College, Havelock North on Saturday 12th September.

At TEDxHastingsSt 2020, 7 live speakers combined to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group on a wide range of topics from Free Energy to Personal Development. The speakers this year included: Amanda Palmer, Andrew Harris, Bhavna Nagar, Clive Barrow, Jules Congalton, Christine Spring, and Wayne Forrest.

The 2018 event focused on visions for a more culturally vibrant Hawke’s Bay. Last year’s theme looked more practically at how to achieve that inspiring vision. And this year, TEDxHastingsSt began to apply that vision.

After a year full of uncertainty, TEDxHastingsSt 2020’s theme of Celebrate the Journey encouraged us all to renew our long-term vision as we look to the future. It is easy to celebrate the beginning or end of something, but celebrating the journey itself is often forgotten.

The 2020 event took place over a Saturday afternoon, where attendees were challenged and inspired in an amazing venue. The ticket price included light refreshments provided by local food and beverage suppliers. The event concluded with a wine and cheese soiree where there was an opportunity to network with other attendees and the speakers.
The 2020 event was again organised by the devoted volunteer team at TEDxHastingsSt with support from their sponsors and key partners. 
David Todd of Toddy Talks was the MC again this year as he guided us through the journey
Andrew Harris speaks on doing his part to drive change.
Andrew Harris gave the first talk, Happy People Sing, focused on how all of us can play some role in making the world a better place.
Bhavna, a clinical psychologist, speaks from her own personal journey with self-abusive thoughts and parenting your inner child.
Clive dives into the relationship between those who lead and those who follow to reveal the qualities that make a great follower. To be a good leader, you have to be a good follower. To be a good follower, you have to be a good leader.
Jules Congalton then addressed a contentious topic, free energy, and explains why society needs to consider alternate models for utilities such as a freemium model. The energy landscape will change significantly in the near future as exciting and promising new technologies are constantly emerging. These changes could make a profound difference for our society. Jules’ talk has spark discussion about the merits of freemium models and their practicality for the energy sector.
Wayne Forrest believes that we all have the power to succeed if only we would access it. His disabilities forced him to release his own power, and his talk will inspire you to succeed regardless of your abilities.
Christine Springer using the SHARP screen to show her slides.
Christine Springer spoke about her experience with the Airbus A380 and what it takes to drive innovation.
Amanda Palmer at the piano
Amanda Palmer closed the event with a new song and a few words about passion.
TEDxHastingsSt 2020 was a wonderful, you-had-to-be-there kind of event. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time, sponsored with their services and discounts, and attended the event.

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